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John Mc Clenahan, a school friend of Stephen, says that the Hawking house "was a less conventional house, one in which the children had a great deal of freedom.And I remember being quite gobsmacked by the conversation over lunch.

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A coxswain does not row but rather controls the stroke rate and steering.The position suited his less than athletic physique.It was during his time on the rowing team that the first signs of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) began to show, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease."As my student days were in full swing, I was gradually becoming aware that all was not well," says Stephen."During my final year at Oxford, I had noticed that I was getting rather clumsy in my movements..." Jane Wilde, Stephen's future wife, had been a literature undergraduate and a friend of his sister. Like in the movie, Hawking was a doctoral student in 1963 Cambridge when he fell crumpled onto Trinity Hall's flagstones, which was one of at least two significant tumbles.They met shortly after he began his doctorate at Cambridge in 1963. Though they had met, Stephen and Jane's relationship didn't take root until after he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease (ALS). Another fall on a train in Germany knocked out his front teeth, which had to be replaced. I fell over once or twice for no apparent reason," says Stephen, "but then one evening, late at night, something more serious happened." A stumble had sent Stephen's body all the way down a flight of stairs.

He lost consciousness and when he woke he couldn't remember who or where he was.

Yet, the incident still wasn't enough for Stephen to visit a doctor.

"When I look back at that fall, I didn't realize at the time, it was a warning sign of things to come, but I recovered and soon had more pressing things on my mind." Later, while home from Cambridge over Christmas break, his unsteadiness on his feet, slurred speech, and other symptoms had progressed too far for him to conceal from his family, whom he didn't want to worry. His father and his sister Mary took him to the family physician, who in turn sent him to see a specialist in London.

The victim should have the right to end his life, if he wants. However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. at the Toronto Film Festival in early September 2014, director James Marsh and the cast answered questions during an audience Q&A.

They explained that the real Stephen Hawking had already seen the movie, saying that a nurse wiped a tear from his cheek as the lights came up at his screening.

Hawking subsequently gave the filmmakers license to use the audio produced by his trademark speech synthesizer.