Have sex on camera

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Have sex on camera - sexy strips cam

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Here is the mainstream media report (Ming Pao via Sina.com): Recently, people have been posting a simulated photograph of Emperor Entertainment Group artistes Gillian Chung and Edison Chen in bed.

Emperor Entertainment Group has filed a police report.

According to the Emperor Entertainment Group spokesman, that photograph had been manipulated and the person in the photograph was not Gillian Chung.

Therefore, they have filed a report with the police as well as asked their lawyer to seek legal redress.

Other people thought that the photograph seemed fake.

Then there were other netizens who chose to do detective work on the background shown in the photograph. There was a bed, some stuffed animals, a bed post, a wall poster, etc.Does anyone have a photograph of the bedroom of Edison Chen?Someone went to You Tube and pulled down an Edison Chen video with a brief shot of a bedroom (which may or may not be his bedroom).The spokesperson also said that they have begun an investigation.When they find the source, they will take legal action.The spokesperson also reminded people that it is illegal to publicly show pornographic photographs.

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