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Warburg Group banks are primarily specializing in the classical private banking business.They are located in key metropolitan regions in Germany and in neighboring countries, have deep roots in their regions and know the people and companies.

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Each bank has its own tradition and has maintained its individual character to this day.

What unites the banks of the Warburg Group are outstanding expertise in their business areas, reliability and stability, truthfulness, and the exclusive advantages of a private bank. Warburg & CO, headquartered in Hamburg (with branches in Frankfurt, Cologne, and Munich), focuses primarily on private banking, asset management, and investment banking.

Bankhaus Hallbaum in Hanover, with branches in Göttingen and Osnabrück, Bankhaus Löbbecke in Berlin, with its branch office in Braunschweig and an office in Dresden, Bankhaus Carl F. As the parent bank, it acts as the guarantor within the Group for the high level of quality of its subsidiary banks and companies.

Plump & CO in Bremen, with a representative office in Oldenburg, and the regionally focused Schwäbische Bank in Stuttgart are active in the traditional private-banking business. Warburg & CO Hypothekenbank in Hamburg is active in the traditional mortgage business. Warburg & CO Luxembourg are the administration of investment funds managed by third parties, advising institutional clients and independent asset managers, private-client business, and asset management.

There are also special services and products, such as the family office at Hamburg bank Marcard, Stein & Co, and the processing of difficult loans for third parties at Bankhaus Löbbecke. It also functions as the real estate competence center for the Group. Providing comprehensive advice to wealthy private clients is the focus of M.

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