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Over the last decade, one person per month has died due to transgender-based hate or prejudice, regardless of any other factors in their lives. I’m reminded of the words of a writer, Ralph Werther (also known as Jennie June and Earl Lind) who, in 1922, said, “Child of English Culture, reflect a moment, and ask yourself whether you are at last, in this great enlightened century of man’s existence, willing to grant justice and humane treatment to the androgyne and gynander?Do you still insist that these sexual cripples continue to suffer physical and mental torture for another century because your own pleasure bulks too large for you to hear and bear the truth about the despairing cross-sexed?

” When you look at the names here, remember these people.

Over the past decade the rapid advancement of mobile communication technology (MCT), including cell phones, Smartphones, laptop computers, tablet PCs and other mobile internet enabled devices, has been nothing less than astonishing – rivaled only by the rapid adoption and voracious consumer appetite for these innovations.

For example, within three months of its introduction in 2007, Apple announced that it had sold its one-millionth i Phone (Apple 2007).

I chose the Mad Scientist's answer; as being part of candlelight vigils, and a member of various organizations getting out these stories to educate the general public. Thanks also to angiekaos for sharing such refreshing words of encouragement.

The Transgender Day of Rememberance is an international candlelight vigil held every year on November 20, to commemorate those transgender and transsexual people who's lives were taken from them through violent acts of murder from people who are too closed minded to understand or try a little tolerance.

The idea for this memorial came while posting to a message board in the Transgender Community Forum on America Online, discussing the murder of Rita Hester and the wrongful death/survivor’s action for Tyra Hunter.

So many had forgotten some of the individuals we had lost in only the recent past and I felt that, by forgetting those individuals, we would be doomed to see their deaths repeated.

Indeed, the passing of Rita Hester is similar enough to the death of Chanelle Pickett to leave one wondering.

We have lost so many people in our community to the hand of hatred and predjudice, yet we still are not seemingly willing to fight back.

Meanwhile, we die at the hands of a lover, of police, of medical practitioners, and even parents, while the news media calls us “freaks” — and worse.

In fact, the media’s reluctance to cover our deaths lies near the heart of this project.

It can be all-but-impossible to find honest, reliable media on the death of a transgendered person: It either does not exist (which is how one can cover thirty years of cases and still only have as many as I have to present), or it uses names that the deceased did not own, and pronouns that did not fit their reality.