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I haven’t had time to do weekly updates lately, and no time to follow any trials, but I woke up Saturday morning to discover much to my surprise, that Martin Mac Neill had been found guilty.

“GYPSY” After watching some witness testimony yesterday, along with closing arguments for the prosecution, I was convinced that he was guilty.The evidence was straightforward and clear, even though it was circumstantial. v=Yf Dv ACQL93I In other recent news, Judge Sherry Stevens appears to have a growth that resembles a set of kahunas.The testimony spoke for itself and I am so glad that the prosecution took time to explain to the jury, that circumstantial evidence is just as good as forensic, especially when used in conjunction with their most valuable tool, common sense. This might seem like a good place to mention the Caylee Anthony trial but I’ll refrain for a minute. Read about the level of corruption in Florida here… An eye-opening, mind blowing list of links on Florida ethics and corruption… Time does absolutely nothing to heal the rage experienced by millions when the state of Florida failed Caylee Anthony and it’s tax paying citizens, on every level in July of 2011. It will forever mark the day when we realized just how dirty our system really is. In her last ruling she snatched the key to the city away from America’s favorite oversexed psycho, Jodi Arias, and told her she could not change attorneys at this point in the game.Suffice it to say that what we have learned about the morals and the scruples of jurors, and the flat out manipulation and propaganda perpetrated by the media, has been frightening. Read about the trial and the verdict on Huffington Post here… And now with the help of federal interjections, finally something that looks like justice was served up in the state of Florida, when a Federal court ruled against Casey Anthony’s attorneys, and in favor of Zenaida Gonzalez, Roy Kronk, Caylee Anthony, Morgan and Morgan law firm, Florida taxpayers and a disgusted public who has waited for any justice in this case, for years. Since an overwhelming majority of Americans believe that Anthony got away with willfully and maliciously murdering her child, the verdict did much to draw attention to the corruption level in Florida. Could this mark the end of a long expensive stint into “Never Never Land”, funded by the taxpayers of Arizona?It has been hard for Americans to forget the trial, that from the very beginning reeked of deceit and dirty tricks. Could it be that Judge Stevens has finally stopped molly-coddling, raging homicidal maniacs and their snake oil attorneys? If anyone qualifies for the death penalty it is Jodi Arias.The focus has shifted away from the killer and her family to the attorneys and the officials that dropped the ball or worse. She thought about killing Travis Alexander for a long time before she actually did it.

She connived, lied and planned his killing, down to every detail.She killed him over and over that day and has continued to do so in court, all facilitated by Judge Stevens at the expense of the Alexander family and the tax paying citizens of Arizona. It’s not the kind of personality that a judge should be catering too.Arias has not shown one ounce of remorse, quite the contrary, she continues to manipulate and blame everyone else for her actions. Let’s hope this marks the end of all of the nonsense from Judge Stevens.She’s a liar to the bitter end and she is extremely dangerous. They live from victim to victim and they only want to get away with as much as they can. Note to Judge Stevens: Jodi Arias is a convicted killer…The image of Arias, latched onto Travis Alexander’s back, stabbing him repeatedly, as he is forced to watch in the mirror, is something worse then any horror film. But as if that terrible vision of Travis dying in the hallway, straddled by this monster as she slits his throat and cuts off his air supply, as if that is not enough, the entire thing plays out in photos…photos that this killer took on purpose, so that she could enjoy killing Travis all over again, simply for the pleasure. The scenario, recreated by Juan martinez in closing arguments, was enough to insure that 12 reasonable people should find for death, but alas, Judge Sherry lost control of her court room and we all watched the ensuing circus.

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