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The move comes in response to investigations by both the U. Toyota admitted that it was aware of the Prius braking problem.In fact, the automaker had already modified new Prius sedans coming off of assembly lines to correct the problem before the government agencies contacted Toyota officials.

According to Toyota, the problem is a software issue.

Like most hybrids, the Prius has two separate braking systems -- a regenerative braking system that recharges the car's batteries using tension from its electric motor, and conventional brakes at the wheels.

On slippery or bumpy surfaces, the car can sometimes be slow to switch between the two, leaving a pause of about one second when the driver is stepping on the brake pedal but the vehicle isn't braking at all.

Bear in mind, at 60 mph, the car could travel 88 feet in that one second.

There have been no reports of this problem in Prius cars from earlier model years. Prius owners should have received a recall notice in the mail the week of February 14-21 with instructions.

Toyota has been forced to issue a series of highly-publicized recalls in recent months, due to reports of cars accelerating beyond the driver's control.

The issue has led to Congressional hearings, damaged the reputation of a company once known for its bulletproof reliability, and left millions of Toyota owners with questions about their own safety.Another, the popular Prius hybrid (as well as its Lexus HS cousin), has been recalled due to its own safety concerns -- a possible faulty braking system.Understandably, this news is worrying for consumers.It's also rocked the automotive industry, as questions about Toyota's reputation for reliability have surfaced. What Models Have Been Affected by The Accelerator Pedal Recall?Currently, eight Toyota models have been recalled to fix the sticky accelerator issue.No models from Scion, Toyota's low-cost brand, or Lexus, Toyota's luxury brand, have been affected. alone, 2.3 million cars on the road are affected, plus an unknown number of unsold cars currently in production and on dealer lots. Dealers have resumed selling the affected models, but dealers say their priority is fixing cars that have already been sold, not fixing cars from their inventory.

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