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Free dating sites best ukuleles

Frank is still head of the Mass Capitol Bureau of the Boston (named for Jenny’s grandfather) and his wife and child, and just got back from a trip to Florida, for a meeting of the board of the foundation that manages the Ernest Hemingway estate and museum in Cuba, which Jenny and Frank were instrumental in restoring a few years back.

We suspect they just looked (and maybe drooled a bit).

CLASS NEWS 7-8-16 Ned heard from Charlotte Smith (via Facebook) on her birthday (May 18): N: Happy birthday, Charlotte. Pete Loomis reports, “All I have to offer for ‘news’ is that I'm having a knee replaced tomorrow (2/15). I am Currently Hosting an Asian Piano Prodigy in my home. I am having fun here, and I am not in great health. other than that , I’m not sure what else you guys might be interested in. I have a woman friend who makes me proud because she has indigenous roots here in the USa. neither care for instance how some important things are spelled. Bethards boasted of having giving me the lowest score in History on a 200 word theme: - 217! He is on our class “lost” list, and I think he may still be living in the US or Canada, somewhere, but I can’t imagine he would have many fond Darrow memories so I haven’t made it a priority to find him and invite him back to a reunion….

Hard to believe it's been 7 years since we lost the Kipster. It makes me happy that you commune with Kip when you go to Darrow. I do have the picture of where he is and I see it every day. From Charlotte's Facebook page: Humor, and a photo of C with her son, Reid. This goes back to a Darrow Football game during which I torn the meniscus (sp? He is here to choose which of three scholarships he will accept, LIU, Rutgers or the New School. In any case, when I think of spectacular examples in the wrong direction of academic achievement, Boghos will always be the greatest case I have personally encountered. Bethards would have found a way to pull him through with a passing grade, as he did for most of us.) CLASS NEWS 2-15-16 Bill Gette has retired from the Massachusetts Audubon Society, where he has worked for decades, most recently as director of the Joppa Flats Sanctuary in Newburyport.

Hope you are well and in a good place as life rolls on for the rest of us. CLASS NEWS 4-1-16 Marylou Anderson recently sent some news and photos. ) in my right knee (I remember exactly when it happened! It wasn't bad enough to require surgery at the time (nor did it keep me out of the army) ,but it did cause increasing pain and--by the time I was in my late 20s--I had the meniscus removed. He will do the rounds with me, and see what kind of music he can learn for his return trip to China... When we learn what Bill and Marsha's plans are for retirement, we'll pass that on.

I've just gotten home from Peru, Ecuador & the Galapagos, then an Elton John concert in Johnson City TN (a celebration for one of my granddaughters' 21st birthday). My daughter Carey and family are in Dallas, Carey is the youngest (50! Her older daughter, Grace is at Wake Forest and is here with me for the Easter weekend - leaving tomorrow (Mon). He's lost both hearing aids, so can't hear much without loudly talking, and he's quite slow - uses a walker, and sleeps a lot." The photos show granddaughter Sydney with Larz, Marylou with a friend she met in the Galapagos; a Christmas 2014 pose with granddaughters left to right, Ashley, Olivia, Carina, Grace and Sydney; Ashley with her dog BL (Ashley is ML's younger daughter Carey's daughter, they live in Dallas, she's finishing up her Ph D in Creative writing/poetry at Texas Tech in Lubbock); and Grace (Cate's older daughter, who is a soph at Wake Forest) and ML's son Nick, who lives in Carrboro, with Marylou. CLASS NEWS 2-15-16 Our most recent posting elicited news from several more classmates: Bob Lang wrote that he’s been in touch with Anson Perina, and the latter opines that pot shops and homeless drifters have put downtown Fort Collins “on the skids.” But Anson’s business is doing well, as Lang put it, “he’s writing so many checks he’s got writer’s cramp.” Lang was planning a trip out there to visit with Anson & Bev in April. Like the Asians, they have a whole different way of looking at things...: a way which feels good to me... I don’t think Boghos came back after Christmas vacation; clearly he was not up to the Bethards challenge.

That surgery bought me another 45 years, but "the chickens have come home to roost." Too much pain and gimping around. CLASS NEWS 2-8-16 These items were collected by Ned Groth over the past month or so: On Sunday, February 7, on the eve of this year’s Chinese New Year, Terry Duvall shared news and a link: The International School of Beijing is celebrating its thirty-fifth anniversary this year.

Fortunately, medical advances have been keeping pace with my knee problems, and these knee replacements (actually knee "resurfacing") are practically routine now. They have posted a video on you tube to commemorate the celebration.I'll let you know exactly how "routine" in a week or so!! , I was Playing Nellie Belle, My Oill can electric, and Harmonica. Terry says, “Two former teachers, who should remain nameless, from the school have a part in the video.” (Editor’s note: Our friends appear twice, at approximately and In the 6-minute video, for those not interested in all of the school’s promotional material.) In other news, Terry reports that Anita is nearing completion of the requirements to be certified as a yoga instructor; they have made frequent trips to Boothwyn, to help Hua-Hua prepare for a show, “Dream of Land,” she is presenting at the Asian Arts Initiative (see at the end of February; and they have been enjoying, if that is the word, a winter of unusual weather in Towanda.Unless we miss our guess that sounds like the same operation Jenny Phillips is having (see below), and maybe even on the same day. We can form our own little knee replacement rehab support group. Carl Sharpe says his website has grown to 250 participants and over 700 pages.We also heard from Jay Tanner, who writes, “On Jan 9th, I M/Ced a show of my friends( 3 Bands) from Red Hook Brooklyn .... The web site is Carl’s own creative writing and editing initiative, promoting poetry; see Not just on a single theme, mind you, but his average for the quarter, combining some higher (maybe even positive) grades and some GOK how much lower. Bethards’ classroom at the end of the first quarter, looking at the English III grades that had just been posted, and how astonished we were that Boghos had been awarded a grade of -467, for the quarter.