Family home sex cams

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Family home sex cams

In Britain the development of personal webcams is both similar to what happened in the States, and radically different.

But the most popular sites are the small number run by women, since most Internet surfers seem to be men in search of vicarious sexual thrills.

This disparity between supply and demand is also leading to a phenomenon well established in the States, the commercial webcam sites which purport to show the real lives of women but which are essentially credit-card operated peepshows.

Babe TV, a British pay webcam site, claims to offer an insight into the "intimate" life of 25-year-old Kelly, who lives in a flat in Knightsbridge and works in publishing.

Kelly's hobbies are "shopping, more shopping, clubbing, my career and showing off!

" The site is said to be getting 500,000 visitors, or "hits", a day.

Jennifer is sitting in her living room in Washington DC. Maybe someone will call later on, perhaps her boyfriend, if you stick around. One year after it found a mass audience in America, webcam TV is hitting Britain, and people are switching off the television and turning on the computer to log on to complete strangers' lives, filmed in real time in intimate, often mundane detail.

Occasionally she shifts position slightly, tucking her legs under, stretching out. It's dark but you can just see his head sticking out of the duvet. In another seven hours he'll probably get up, if you can wait that long ...

Webcams are tiny cameras, the size of golfballs, which you plug into the back of your computer.

Then, if you have an Internet connection, you can beam the images captured on your camera to the whole world.

The cameras and software now cost less than pounds 100, and are soaring in popularity.

At the moment the cameras only take snapshots, every 10, 30 or 60 seconds, so what you see when you log on to an Internet webcam site is a picture which jumpily updates, rather like closed-circuit television.

But already more sophisticated technology is becoming available, with live "streaming" images and sound.