Euky bearub online dating

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Euky bearub online dating - funny headline for online dating profile

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By Friday, despite dehydrated skin, red nose and lips cracked in four places, skin care was the last thing I wanted to think about.

All I could take in was the couch, a heat pack on my sore ear, fizzy water and the boxed set of (the second series: when Samantha has Tabitha).

Even water was stinging by the next day so I summoned the energy to summon some Herron baby zinc and castor oil cream for the ragged nose, Vicks Vapo Rub for the chest and eucalyptus oil for the pottery oil burner.

The cold is progressing still (hello chest, it said this morning) so apart from the odd desultory swipe with a baby wipe this is all I'm using still.

It's funny how we can cut to the chase and fall back on old friends in times of need.

I could have used Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Cream on my poor lips and nose, as all the celebrities say they do; I might have dabbed on some spicy perfume; I might have lit one of my L'Occitane candles; but no, it was the feel-good and familiar I wanted (hence the housewife witch tales too, I guess). Which are you still using from years ago - perhaps even from childhood? that also makes you feel better Another use for Vicks Vaporub - it's excellent for training the cats not to bite power cords! A quick smear of Vicks on the cord, and they quickly lose all desire to kill the alien snake monster that's tied up by its tail behind the stereo cabinet! But I heard Molly Meldrum give this hint out one day so in desperation I tried it and was surprised how quickly it worked.

What are some of the tried'n'true you know will do the job when you need them to? so is lying on the couch watching movies knowing - with gentle satisfaction - that your mates are at school,, or in my case now, that they are at uni, and i get to be home watching movies! Rub the soles of your feet with Vicks and pop on some bed socks.Apply the Vicks also to your throat and chest and back.Rug up in some jamies and get into bed for the day.Take plenty of panadol at the appropriate intervals and sip away at warmed plain lemonade - but lay off the food.The combination sweats the cold out of you in a day.Codral Cold and Flu Unfortunatly they are phasing out the old formula in favor of the new formula (no pseudoephedrine)which simply just does not work ..

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