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Assignment Judge: Sallyanne Floria 50 West Market Street Newark, New Jersey (973) 776-9300 Enter your address(street, city state) Click here to sign up to receive text alerts about court closings and delays.Essex is the largest and busiest trial court in New Jersey with a complement of approximately 60 judges and about 860 staff.

We serve the 783,969 citizens of Essex County living in 22 municipalities in an area of 127.44 square miles.

Map Veterans Courthouse 50 West Market Street Criminal Division Court Administration Enter your address(street, city state) Hall of Records 465 Dr. Boulevard Civil Division Special Civil Part Surrogate (Probate) Enter your address(street, city state) Historic Courthouse 470 Martin Luther King, Jr. Newark, NJ 07102 Civil Division Arbitration Enter your address(street, city state) Robert N.

making it the third-most populous county in Massachusetts.

Essex County is included in the Boston–Cambridge-Newton, MA–NH Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Prior to the dissolution of the county government in 1999, it had two county seats: Salem, with jurisdiction over the Southern Essex District, and Lawrence, with jurisdiction over the Northern Essex District, and the largest city is Lynn.

The county and the districts remain as administrative regions recognized by various agencies of the governmental substructure, which gathered vital statistics or disposed of judicial case loads under these geographic subdivisions, and are required to keep the records based on them.

Salem and Lawrence are no longer county seats of government.However, the county subdivision has been utilized by some agencies.For example, the county as it was originally has been designated the Essex National Heritage Area by the National Park Service.The county is also used to define areas within a National Weather Service weather alert (such as a severe thunderstorm warning) without listing every single town/city in the alert's area.Printed in 1812, this political cartoon illustrates the electoral districts drawn by the Massachusetts legislature to favor the incumbent Democratic-Republican party candidates of Governor Elbridge Gerry over the Federalists, from which the term gerrymander is derived.The cartoon depicts the bizarre shape of a district in Essex County as a dragon.