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1967: in Miranda, an imaginary Latin American country, ruled by the dictator General Abalorio, Arcibel Alegría (Darío Grandinetti), a journalist who writes articles about chess is taken to jail as political prisoner due to a mixed-up schedule of the newspaper he works for.Arcibel, a non-political, rather solitary person, separated, and father of a two-year-old girl, will get to know a new reality he's never heard of, from inside the jail.

As time goes by, General Abalorio is elected president after democratic elections and all political prisoners are set free, except for Arcibel, who, due to a bureaucratic mess, will be confined to jail where the rest of the criminals are locked up. Pablo (Diego Torres), his new cellmate, hardly knows how to read or write and he definitely doesn't play chess. When he meets Rosalinda, Arcibel's daughter who is already in her twenties, he's touched.Despite Arcibel's efforts, Pablo doesn't learn a thing and therefore, Arcibel comes up with an idea. The day Pablo manages to beat Arcibel in the game, he runs away.Arcibel then has to undergo terrible punishments for keeping quiet about his cellmate's jailbreak.However, he holds out until time gives him another surprise.His game, Arcibel's game, is not a game anymore, it has become real, and the two leading players turn out to be no others than Pablo and his own daughter Rosalinda.To create a more customized online experience, some of the ads you may receive on Microsoft websites and apps are tailored to your previous activities, searches and site visits.

You're in control and here's where you can make the advertising choice that's right for you.Microsoft partners with AOL, App Nexus and other third party service providers to help present customized content and display advertisements on MSN, and other websites and apps.Microsoft also delivers search ads to Bing and our search syndication partners.En la República de Miranda, un país imaginario de América Latina, que vive bajo la dictadura del General Abalorio, Arcibel Alegría, un periodista que escribe sobre ajedrez, es encarcelado como preso político por culpa de una confusión en la diagramación del diario en el que trabaja.Quien hasta ese momento se consideraba un señor apolítico, bastante solitario, comenzará a conocer en la cárcel, una realidad que le era ajena.El Juego de Arcibel clearly resembles the situation in many Latin American countries with a delicate metaphor.

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