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Following its premiere on 1 September 2012, the series aired weekly until 29 September 2012.

"The Snowmen" introduced a new TARDIS interior, title sequence, theme tune, and outfit for the Doctor.

Doctor Whos seventh series was the show's third and final series to feature Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.

They reprised their roles of the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams, from the previous series.

Gillan and Darvill departed the series in the fifth episode, after which a new companion named Clara Oswald joined the Doctor, played by Jenna Coleman, remaining with the series for its second half.

Smith stayed for one year longer than Gillan and Darvill, and departed after the 2013 specials, with his final appearance being in the 2013 Christmas special "The Time of the Doctor".

As with Series 6, this series was again split into two parts, with the first five episodes broadcast between the 1 and 29 September 2012, ending with "The Angels Take Manhattan".

Following the Christmas episode, "The Snowmen", the series resumed with "The Bells of Saint John" on 30 March 2013 and concluded with "The Name of the Doctor" on .

For the first time in the show's history, each episode of this series is a standalone story with no multi-parters. He is helped back to the TARDIS by Madge Arwell (Claire Skinner).

Three years later, Madge's husband Reg (Alexander Armstrong) has disappeared while piloting an Avro Lancaster bomber in the Second World War, but she keeps it a secret from her two children, Lily (Holly Earl) and Cyril (Maurice Cole).

Most of us are lucky if we can find one person to spend our lives with and a handful of great friends to keep us company. Through the years the Doctor has had over 42 companions.

Christopher Eccleston's Doctor is wise and funny, cheeky and brave.

A loner, his detached logic gives him a vital edge when the world's in danger.