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Learn the most popular Purim songs while listening to realaudio clips. The rose of Jacob was cheerful and joyous when they saw together the royal blue of Mordechai's [robe].Thanks to Rebbe Alter and Pirchei Purim and to Galpaz of Jerusalem for permission to use this music. You have been their everlasting redemption, and their hope in every generation.

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Cursed is Haman who sought to destroy me, blessed is Mordechai the Jew.Cursed is Zeresh, the wife of my tormentor, blessed is Esther [who acted] for me. Shoshanas Yaakov tzahala v'simcha, birosam yachad techeles Mordechai. The festival of Purim, the festival of Purim, a great festival for the Jews. Let's make noise - noise, noise, noise - with noisemakers. (And) for the miracles, and for the redemption, and for the mighty acts, and for the consolations, and for the battles that You performed for our forefathers, in those days, at this time. Please continue sending this lessons for peace and understandig. I saved the music for Purim and I have also send the page to my friends. Teshuasam hayisa lanetzach, tikvasam b'chol dor vador. Al hanisim, ve'al hapurkan, ve'al hagevuros, ve'al hateshuos, ve'al hamilchamos she'asisa la'avoseinu, ba'yamim hahem, ba'zeman hazeh. They have devised schemes but they have been foiled, they have made declarations [against us], but they will not be fulfilled, because God is with us! AND YES THANKS FOR GIVING THE WORDS AND TRANSLATION. Sometimes I cry with emotion at the chazonos and sometimes I laugh and I never feel alone anymore on the internet and, despite living a good distance from my nearest kehillah, i feel totally reunited and at home when I click onto Aish Hatorah.... This year in particular, Purim comes at a time when a friend needs much strength and uplifting, as she awaits a bone marrow transplant. Lehodiya, shekol kovecha lo yevoshu, velo yicalmu lanetzach kol hachosim bach. Utzu aytzah ve'sufar, dabru davar, ve'lo yakum, ki imanu Kel. Thank you and Gut Shabbos Zachor from north-east England!!! Arur Haman, asher bikesh le'abdi, baruch Mordechai hayehudi. Many thanks to Rebbe Alter for the use of excerpts from his music. Arurah Zeresh, eshes mafchidi, beruchah Esther ba'adi, v'gam charvonah zachor latov. You can buy the complete cassette tape of Rebbe Alter and Pirchei Purim from Galpaz in Israel or in the US from Eichlers toll free 888-EICHLERS Anywhere else in the world call Eichlers at (718)258-7643 Thank so the downloads of the songs. EACH DAY FOR SURE THERE IS SOMETHING THAT MAKES ME RICHER.

It would be even more useful if you would also write out the lyrics in Hebrew and in English transliteration, plus translations, since it's hard for those who don't already know all the words of the songs to decipher the precise words even from the audios. Why has the world thrown these out and only the Hebrew ones can be found?

This is a general suggestion for the songs of all the holidays.

In fact we could use some brand new shirim for the chagim! Wonder-full Many thanks, we will help spread your message thru our network and diff facebook pp giving your contact info.(As an aside, would also like some Yiddish songs as your anonymous commentator suggested) Kudos all involved thanks - really like being able to access the purim songs.


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