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Many journalists operate under a code of ethics that among other things forbids their accepting gifts.

Naturally, the tactic has to be web-based, viral and incorporate social media— and be practically free to produce, while delivering a high return on investment.

Meanwhile, the Crocs social media guy, George Smith Jr, feeling unfairly attacked quickly asserted his power to reduce the blogger to a “nobody.” Can’t you hear the egos battling in the conversation?

It all reminds me of the fact that as the blogosphere continues to expand its influence, we are entering a wild west in terms of behavior and professionalism. Unlike mainstream journalism where there is an implied agreement that both public relations professionals and the media will adhere to certain rules.

Certainly, any mainstream reporter would be penalized, if not promptly fired, if he or she bribed a source.

Similarly, a company PR representative who threatened to damage a reporter’s reputation would not remain unscathed.

Meanwhile, bloggers, unless they are paid to blog for someone, have no higher authority than themselves and the court of public opinion.

To help you navigate these unchartered waters, here hare some standards for b2b marketers to follow: Treat bloggers respectfully.But don’t sink to the level of tit for tat – where you bribe bloggers in exchange for a favorable review.Don’t expect bloggers to act as traditional journalists.Missed his mother son an american free xxx incest dad action son. Ctr+d to download mom leonard gets horny sex; full family. The cute Lucy Doll is fingering her teen cunt thinking about Brad.She doesn’t mind that he is her brother’s best friend she just fantasizes about getting Brad’s oversized cock on her tiny mouth.

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