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From credit enhancements to advance market commitments, donors are looking for new, innovative tools to encourage more effective and predictable aid flows.Market-based approaches that align the interests of donors, local governments and the private sector are becoming increasingly popular in the philanthropic world.

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The conversation will build on the Milken Institute's work supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to strengthen the innovative finance ecosystem and advocate for increased, diversified funding for global health.

Europe is still afloat, but the lifeboat is prone to leaks.

In China, a new leadership group is trying to revitalize economic growth amid the pressure of rising needs - which implies growing consumer demand.

At the start of the 2013 Global Conference, we'll bring experience and judgment to bear on the unknowns of the global economy and markets. Where are costs rising or falling, and will that change the direction of capital flows? Are the next big opportunities in minerals, manufacturing or technology?

Read the blog post America's investment in bioscience, especially through the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, accelerated for several years beginning in 1998.

Today, we're reaping the return on that investment as what once seemed impossible becomes routine.

Precision medicine is reducing suffering and deaths, and processes that once took years and cost millions - think sequencing the human genome - get faster and cheaper by the day. We're at the dawn of a scientific revolution that will save, extend and improve the quality of people's lives across the planet while easing the tremendous economic burden of health care. And how can the participants in the bioscience ecosystem work together more effectively?

Moreover, bioscience holds promise for solving seemingly intractable global challenges related to energy, access to clean water and sustainable food production. Read the blog post Despite decades of government aid and charitable giving, economic growth in frontier markets remains stagnant.

The goals of eradicating poverty, quickening growth and improving the health of the growing global population require substantial, long-term funding sources.

A special private gathering with a group of prominent families to discuss some of the most important issues facing them today - from family dynamics and creating a meaningful legacy to intergenerational succession planning.

This discussion offers a select group of influential individuals, families and philanthropists firsthand information in an off-the-record, roundtable setting.

The program will include valuable insights from financial executives and thought leaders as well as family members themselves.