Dating sites for single parents in kenya

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Dating sites for single parents in kenya - fake soldiers online dating

Editor’s note: Why are there so many single mums in Kenya and why are single men so afraid of dating them?In the last three years, Ian Isherwood has been helping singles in Kenya find love online and offline.

He tells you why single men run to the hills when they find out a woman is a single mum.I have studied, surveyed and talked to thousands of singles about their dating likes, dislikes and daily struggles.One topic that I am regularly asked about is why men appear to be afraid of dating women who already have kids.The single mums asking this question are usually frustrated by the constant judgemental comments and stereotyping men (and women) label them with.Words like “loose”, “easy” and “promiscuous” are thrown around.Some men think single mums “can’t keep a man because there must be something wrong with them” and in the worst cases some men refer to single mums as “tainted” or “second-hand goods”. She is a true super hero and the reason she never remarried was not because she didn’t have any offers – she had many.

READ ALSO: LIST: 16 things to do when on a first date with someone you met online Single mums are strong, brave and hard working. After the tragic death of my father (aged only 37) in a road accident in Mombasa, Nyali, back in 1989, she was suddenly left with the responsibility of raising four young boys, aged two, six and twins aged eight, all alone. She chose not to settle because she said no man would ever come close to the father and husband she lost. It takes someone exceptionally brave to be a single mother.

But, for all their greatness, single mums also have extremely intimidating qualities that many men find too hard to handle when it comes to dating.

So much so that some men choose to avoid dating single mums all together.

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If you are lucky, the rewards can be amazing, but only the bravest and strong hearted will succeed.

Here are eight most common complaints men have about dating a single mum.