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The working title was The Shortland Street Project after its planned filming location in a TVNZ-owned studio at 74 Shortland Street in Auckland Central.However, the studio was found to be too small for the required sets, and the production studio was moved to a warehouse in Browns Bay.

The name subsequently is a homage to the Shortland Street studios, which were home to New Zealand's first regular television broadcast in 1960, and were home to TVNZ and its predecessors' Auckland operations until TVNZ moved to its new purpose-built television centre on Victoria Street West in 1990. Shortland Street aired its first ever 90 minute episode on 2 August 2010.Shortland Street's first episode aired on to mixed reviews. The episode featured Chris discovering he had a son with series original Alison Raynor in 1996, and the conclusion to the three-year Kieran Mitchell storyline which saw the shows second highest ever ratings.Shortland Street has since made the 90-minute episode an annual feature.On 18 April 2011, Shortland Street screened its first episode in high definition.In July 2011, Shortland Street achieved a New Zealand first when it made its 2011 feature-length episode available to purchase via Facebook, becoming the second ever TV show in the world to use this technology.Caterina De Nave (1992) Brian Lennane (1992–93) Tony Holden (1994–95) Gavin Srawhan (1995–96) Alan Coleman (1995) Judith Trye (1996-97) Lisa Page (2000–01) Harriet Crampton (2001–05) Katie Wolfe (2005) Jason Daniel (2005–08) Steven Zanoski (2009–13) Simon Bennett (1997–2000, 2013–2016) Maxine Fleming (2016–) Shortland Street is a New Zealand prime-time soap opera centering on the fictitious Shortland Street Hospital, first broadcast on Television New Zealand's TV2 on .

It is the country's longest-running drama and soap opera, being broadcast continuously for over 6,000 episodes and 24 years, and is one of the most watched television programmes in New Zealand.

The show was originally screened as five half-hour episodes each week and initially receiving mixed reviews on its premiere.

After its launch it dropped in ratings and would have been cancelled if TVNZ had not ordered a year's worth of episodes in advance.

TVNZ renewed the production in early 1993 when the show's rating had picked up, and it now has long-term public enthusiasm .

Greg Mc Gee at South Pacific Pictures wanted to do a series about the new private clinics emerging under New Zealand's Labour government, and suggested the idea to scriptwriter Dean Parker, who declined due to a dislike of private medicine, so TV2 and South Pacific Pictures purchased a formula from Grundy Television, who get a royalty cheque for every broadcast.

De Nave worked with several storyliners including Jason Daniel and they worked out an outline of the show.

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