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The first issue of Age Of Ultron received a positive review from The A. Club for its intense pacing and blockbuster action, but after multiple issues that were variations of that first story with different characters, it became clear that Brian Michael Bendis’ miniseries was going nowhere.Those issues of urban destruction segued into a nonsensical time-travel story about Wolverine and Sue Storm, building to a conclusion that prevented the events of those previous chapters from ever happening but causing damage to the timestream that will be followed up in different, non-Age Of Ultron books.

Written by Mark Waid with artwork by André Lima Araújo, this one-shot epilogue spotlighting Hank “Ant-Man” Pym has the character development that the main series was lacking, exploring Hank’s past to set up a new future for the long-suffering superhero.

Waid’s major strength is the way he uses the psychological foundation of the hero he’s writing to build a narrative that reminds readers why the character has lasted over time.

In the pages of Waid’s Daredevil, that means working hard to terrify the man without fear, and his The Indestructible Hulk puts as much emphasis on Bruce Banner the scientist as it does his rampaging alter ego.

For Hank Pym, Waid details the upbringing that would drive a man to give himself shrinking powers, and how being small in a team of larger-than-life superheroes would mentally affect a person who always felt out of place.

Waid revitalizes Hank Pym by giving him a newfound sense of purpose, and, with Araújo’s help, he even manages to make the character cool. series that includes Hank Pym as team leader, and his work on this issue shows a talent for drawing machinery that will come in handy on a comic featuring a team of robots.

All models were 18 years of age or older at the time of depiction.

has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography.

Today marks one week of Cortney and me being parents! And because of that we didn’t get enough sleep, we forgot to eat, and we were left just a little emotionally drained. Last night he even surprised us by sleeping the whole night in his own crib!

After lots and lots of visitors, and unbelievably great care in the hospital, we had to go home on Friday and learn to be a family of three. Luckily, Eddie is VERY good, but Cortney and I were suddenly NOT in charge of the schedule…this little baby burrito was in charge! At first Eddie didn’t want to sleep anywhere but in our arms or in his swing. He loves to watch his daddy’s funny faces and listen to his mommy’s (terrible) singing.

He even got to meet his cousin, Jack, this weekend, although he slept through most of it. He is awake for more of the day each day which gives us time to chat and sing and just get to know each other.

He really liked watching Tiger games from that seat!

Today, on his one-week birthday, he is being fussy for the first time in a while–struggling against napping.