Cure for homosexuality camp

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Cure for homosexuality camp - electrodomesticos el frio mysterio documental online dating

"It's always just 'you'll find the right girl some day.' I hope I do. Someone." "Pray Away the Gay" camps, places where strict religious beliefs are used to "fix the affliction" of homosexuality, were something I naively thought were places that parents only threatened to send children in movies or books. But according to this Reddit thread, "pray away" camps truly exist and sometimes parents unfortunately feel it's what's best for their child.

"I'm a straight redditor who was sent to one because my best friend was gay and my Catholic parents thought we were dating.The big problem I have with this is that it makes it seem like the camp worked.It did not, I simply was sent there via a series of events suitable for a sitcom world. A lot of late nights and early mornings, sing alongs and Jesus talk.I ended up running away from it after a week, borrowing a stranger's phone, and having a friend drive six hours to rescue me.As for what else went on at camp, I walked in on a camper hooking up with a counselor of the same sex at the obstacle course once. If you have any specific questions about the camp I could probably answer them." – cmlaffin "I spoke directly with Ted Cox, who tells about his experiences with these camps.One of the camp's theories is that a man is gay because of repressed feelings about his father (typically anger).

So they would have you take a baseball bat and smash the hell out of a pillow, while being forced to yell things like, ' I hate you, Dad!

' Then, they think gay men need to associate male contact with something non-sexual, so they (and I shit you not) sit 10 to 15 gay men down on the floor, sitting in each others' laps, or in between their legs, until they're all touching each other. Male contact, and absolutely nothing sexual about it.

You're cured." – References Cartoons "My dad did one of these camps.

He was told (in the '70s and '80s) by his conservative church that it would be possible to live as a 'normal' straight man if he tried hard enough.

He conveniently had all the precursors they like to identify 'reasons' for gayness – an abusive home, a bad relationship with his father, struggles with depression in his past.

He fell for the whole thing, and as far as he thought, had prayed his way to being straight When he married my mother, he didn't tell her of his past 'struggles'.

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