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For Bell Media's 24-hour national cable news channel, see CTV News Channel (Canada). CTV is an English-language broadcast television network in Canada launched in 1961.

Bell Media also operates additional CTV-branded properties, including the 24-hour national cable news network CTV News Channel and the secondary CTV Two television system.There's such potential for people to misrepresent themselves online and for people to misinterpret how someone is, because so much of communication is non-verbal.Also, there's always someone potentially better at the click of a mouse, isn't there?" — Newf Girl "My wife and I met online two years ago and just tied the knot this past New Year's Eve.I suppose we could have waited for fate to intervene but there was just one problem: I was in the Maritimes and she was in England!It would have been highly unlikely for us to have met otherwise.

This article is about the main television network owned by Bell Media.

For Bell Media's secondary conventional television system, see CTV Two.

For the defunct media conglomerate which formerly owned the above properties, see CTVglobemedia.

A screenshot of the smartphone matchmaking app Tinder. (Catharine Tunney/CBC) Finding a perfect mate online can be click and miss.

Users simply swipe to the left if they're not interested, or swipe to the right if they like what they see. Critics say it's impersonal or a threat to monogamy. Does online dating make it easier to find a compatible partner?

But some studies suggest that a match made there is more likely to last than one made the old-fashioned way. Readers let us know in our latest CBC Forum, a daily, live and hosted discussion about topics of national interest. (Please note that user names are not necessarily the names of commenters.

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