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Look out to sea where, on the horizon, there are dozens of fine motor cruisers, sailing yachts and water skiers.The start of our walk at La Haule is along the newly-laid brick-paved promenade There are a few guesthouses of excellent quality, whose owners will have spent a lot of time and money making their property very attractive.

Much credit must be given to these people as they give a great deal of pleasure to the many who pass by.

St Aubin's Bay covers the central part of Jersey's south coast and has a long, unbroken sweep of sandy beach stretching from St Helier's Harbour to St Aubin's Harbour.

Only the highest of tides covers all its soft and golden sand and, at low tide, the sea retreats several hundred yards to open up an enormous expanse of beach.

South facing, it is in full sun along virtually its entire length from sunrise to sunset.

The bay is very sheltered from prevailing westerly and easterly winds.

Although the last few hundred metres of sand between La Haule and St Aubin's Harbour are permanently wet, the remainder of the beach dries out rapidly.

Bathing is safe at all states of the tide but care is needed when it is high and reaches the sea wall. Aubin during the Summer months and is powered with a petrol engine that pulls four carriages along the promenade around St Aubin's Bay.

The beach slopes very gently and rough conditions are rare during the season. Although close to a densely populated area, the beach is so long that it rarely becomes crowded, except close to the main car parks in high season when a short stroll will lead to an uncrowded stretch of sand. It is very popular with both visitors and residents of the Island.

All of St Aubin's harbour and most of the village has been reclaimed from the sea, from what is now the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club at the south west corner of the harbour right through to the top of the slipway at La Haule.

I took the photograph above when I was accompanying the BBC film crew in 2003 as the parish's floral coordinator.

They were at La Corbiere in Jersey filming an episode for the BBC's 'Gardeners World' programme and the film was shown at the Guild Hall in London in front of our hosts, the Britain in Bloom national floral competition, organised by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Max de la Haye, the constable of the parish, and I collected the Bronze award for our class, 'Small Coastal Resort', from BBC's Gardeners World Monty Don. Looking inland, you can see magnificent residential homes through the trees.

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