Colocynth granules online dating

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Colocynth granules online dating

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These small, slow-sinking granules are designed to reach the smaller fish in your community aquarium with the same nutritious benefits as Tetra Min® flakes. Unfortunately this food was much like a brick, and sunk straight to the bottom. My angel fish love it, my silver dollars love chasing it.

I bought this food because is specifically says, "slow sinking" as my two betta fish enjoy floating food.

All my bottom feeders eat it up however, about 50% of the food I put in floats, making It hard to feed all my fish with just this food so I had to get pellets for my larger catfish. My Bettas have ALWAYS preferred this over any other product! Goldfish do not have a proper stomach, they have a specialized intestine and should be fed goldfish foods.