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There is a long tradition of paleontological research in Argentina. In the second half of the twentieth century, key studies on dinosaurs were made by evolutionary biologist Osvaldo Reig and then by José Bonaparte. ar/ MINCy T (Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Productiva). In 1766 Esteban Álvarez del Fierro reported the first fossils found in Argentinian territory, from Arrecifes, Buenos Aires province. Beagle, Charles Darwin visited several Argentinian localities, where he collected numerous fossils and made important geological observations (Aguirre-Urreta et al., 2009). These studies, together with the observations made by other European naturalists, for instance Alcide d’Orbigny (d’Orbigny, 1842), constituted the basis for the emergence of paleontological knowledge of the region. Original skeleton of Megatherium americanum Owen displayed in the Bernardino Rivadavia Museum of Natural Sciences (MACN). Recent decades of fossil vertebrate studies in Argentina have produced a generation of researchers who expanded knowledge of the field and achieved renown for their findings in local units (Pascual, 1981; Tonni, 2005).

These were mainly remains of Megatherium (Figure 1.1). A fossil trunk reported by Félix de Azara in 1809 is considered to be the first record of fossil plants in the country (Ottone, 2001). MECT (Ministerio de Educación, Ciencia y Tecnología de la Nación Argentina). Plan Estratégico Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación ‘Bicentenario’ 2006-2010. Among the different paleontological disciplines, vertebrate paleontology is the one with the longest history in Argentina, represented by the previously mentioned observations of Muñíz, succeeded by the works of Burmeister and Bravard (Reig, 1961). Ameghino was a contemporary of an important group of foreign-born researchers who came to the country driven by the emergence of Argentinian scientific institutions; this group included Hermann Burmeister, Auguste Bravard and Pellegrino Strobel. The latter is considered as the founding father of Argentinian paleontology, being the first to engage in the professional study of Argentina’s fossils. Camacho in the presentation of the book In the later nineteenth century came the first discoveries and studies by native Argentinians, including Francisco Muñíz and Florentino Ameghino (Figure 1.2). The aim is to get the personal involved with the formal and the conceptual, to follow an investigation line and twist it, to lead it towards my inner world. At the beginning most of it is improvisation, working over the unexpected.

He has studied painting, drawing, carving and photographic techniques on his own. He has put up individual exhibitions in Argentina, the U. Cédola has completed in 2015 a forth months “artist in residence program” in Dusseldorf, Germany at “Ateliers Hoerweg” founded by the prestigious German artist Katharina Grosse. In 2010 he was invited as a young artist to take part in a collective exhibition called Abstraction Revisited which was held in the Chelsea Art Museum, New York, together with Joan Mitchell, Lee Krasner and Robert Motherwell.The process of choosing a technique, a support, takes place behind my back, it is an opaque compulsive process, whose results are constantly reformulated; they multiply and expand. The sense is not important, here is no wear and tear, there is no losing in the process because the final adjustment of my work always receives its own place in my emotional history. Work as space of struggle, space of permanent revolution, going beyond things because it is knowledge, it is avant-garde and as a result it is void.The work of art is adrift, seeking, roaming, erring and not even reaching a final meeting. Changing the coordinates, mutating, exploring, destroying, beginning a-new, changing the starting point. It is no for everything to be indifferent, it is for new possibilities to arise. New states, new alterations, new us, + strengths, + us. Shape of life without shape, no thirst for shape, no thirst for truth, no thirst for judging or being judged. “(...) y siendo estos monumentos un testimonio auténtico y demostrable de que en la antigüedad hubo en esta región americana, sea antes o pos el diluvio, racionales gigantes (...)” ..these monuments are an authentic and demonstrable testimony that in antiquity there was in the American region, either before or after the Flood, giant rational beings... This was followed by the great works of Ameghino, that included studies on fossil mammals as well as evolutionary, geological and biogeographic analyses (for a full review, see Fernícola et al., 2011). ar MINCy T (Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Productiva).

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