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ESXX is a Development software developed by Martin Blom.After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free.

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Simplicity does not have to mean "limiting" or "incomplete", though.

Some of the Highlights of ESXX are: Java Script 1.7, provided by Rhino. We'll be tracking Rhino releases, so expect 1.8 in the future.

E4X extensions Meaning unparallelled ease of use when working with XML documents.

XSLT 2.0, provided by Saxon 9 For state-of-the-art XML transformations with access to user-defined Java Script and Java extension functions directly from the XSLT templates.

Embedded Sql database (H2) For quick prototyping or situations where a non-distributed web application is simply good enough.

Additional threads include the generation thread (generates new chunks as needed, storage thread (saves and loads chunk from the disk), lighting thread (updates block light values) and the chunksender thread (compresses chunks to send to the clients).

The world provides access to all its players, entities and block entities.Because of multithreading issues, individual objects cannot be retrieved for indefinite handling, but rather must be modified in callbacks, within which they are guaranteed to stay valid.Physics for individual blocks are handled by the simulators.Built-in web server Suitable for development and small-scale deployments.Index: Articles Classes Hooks Quick navigation: c Arrow Entityc Beacon Entityc Block Areac Block Entityc Block Entity With Itemsc Block Infoc Bounding Boxc Brewingstand Entityc Chat Colorc Chest Entityc Chunk Descc Client Handlec Command Block Entityc Composite Chatc Crafting Gridc Crafting Recipec Crypto Hashc Cuboidc Dispenser Entityc Dropper Entityc Drop Spenser Entityc Enchantmentsc Entityc Entity Effectc Exp Bottle Entityc Filec Fire Charge Entityc Firework Entityc Floaterc Flower Pot Entityc Furnace Entityc Ghast Fireball Entityc Hanging Entityc Hopper Entityc Ini Filec Inventoryc Itemc Item Framec Item Gridc Itemsc Jsonc Jukebox Entityc Line Block Tracerc Lua Windowc Mapc Map Managerc Mob Head Entityc Mob Spawner Entityc Mojang APIc Monsterc Networkc Note Entityc Objectivec Paintingc Pawnc Pickupc Playerc Pluginc Plugin Luac Plugin Managerc Projectile Entityc Rank Managerc Rootc Scoreboardc Serverc Server Handlec Sign Entityc Splash Potion Entityc Stat Managerc String Compressionc TCPLinkc Teamc Thrown Egg Entityc Thrown Ender Pearl Entityc Thrown Snowball Entityc TNTEntityc Tracerc UDPEndpointc Url Clientc Url Parserc Web Adminc Windowc Wither Skull Entityc World HTTPForm Data HTTPRequest HTTPTemplate Request Item Categorylxpsqlite3Take Damage Infotolua Vector3d Vector3f Vector3i Globals c World is the game world.It is the hub of all the information managed by individual classes, providing convenient access to them.

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