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John Cena has just faced his biggest fear and lived to tell the tale ... No, we're not talking about another match against CM Punk -- his girlfriend Nikki Bella just dropped a massive bombshell on the WWE champ ... It all went down while the two were filming for Bella's new reality show on E! Cena tells Nikki that "both marriage and family are difficult obstacles" for him -- but eventually ends up coming clean about his feelings towards marriage ... See for yourself and decide whether or not he handled it like a pro.

The 32-year-old wrestler has missed the better part of a year due to her neck injury after she knocked down her opponent with her finishing move, the However, Nikki suddenly lifted the spirits of her fans after she revealed on Twitter that she has been working tirelessly to get back in the wrestling ring. She then revealed on her next tweet that she will not use her famous in WWE history with her new finisher.

In fact, she has been training with the retired professional wrestler, Daniel Bryan.“Yesterday trained w/ @WWEDaniel Bryan Learned a lot technically & helped w/my finisher Lucky 2 have him as a coach! She, however, has not revealed what particular move she is learning.

Whether it is similar to Daniel Bryan’s finishing move or it is entirely different.

Meanwhile, Nikki Bella is currently dating her boyfriend of four years, John Cena.

Although the pair appears to be extremely happy together, they have not seen eye-to-eye on children and marriage.

On the final episode of Total Divas, Dolph confronted Nikki and said that he would give her the two things that she holds most precious in her life - marriage and kids.

We have seen on Total Divas that Cena is not yet convinced about starting a family.The recent clip of the new episode of Total Divas shows Nikki Bella opening up to John about the advances shown by Dolph Ziggler.Nikki Bella tells John that Ziggler tried to convince her to marry him and also tried to kiss her.As fans know, Nikki has been adamant about walking the aisle with Cena and eventually have kids with him, while the 15-time previously made it clear that he is not ready to settle down.Talking about his previous comments, Cena told the Rolling that there a lot of things that he must prioritize and said his decision is “not negotiable.” He then admitted that he is a “selfish” person and do not want to have a family of his own.It has been widely known that the face of the WWE has been dating the longest reigning Divas Champion Nikki Bella for a while now.

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