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Whether you are looking for basins, toilets and bidets, baths, or bathroom accessories you'll find the perfect Caroma product to suit your needs.Caroma is an iconic Austalian brand and a global leader in manufacturing highly innovative bathroom products.

Caroma was born from the ideas of South Australian man Charles Rothauser in 1941, after developing the world’s first all plastic cistern designed to replace the rusted brass fittings from Adelaide’s corrosive water.

Pioneers from the outset, Caroma have gone on to win multiple national and international awards and accolades for their high performance bathroom innovations developed over the last 75 years.

Their range is built on a passion for design, quality and customer focus and includes toilet suites, basins, baths, showers, tapware, bidets as well as other bathroom accessories.

Their products exhibit a flair for sustainable design, water efficiency and durability.

Their style suits a range of tastes, including minimalist, contemporary or classic to complement the character of your home.

Hi, I bought a Dorf Jovian tap online for my kitchen from Taps and More in Sydney. It looks good to me; I like its appearance than others. Since last 5 years it has been working properly, not any single issue.

Our plumber fitted a Dorf Jovian which started leaking after 2 weeks.

Caroma came out (after numerous phone calls mind you) and replaced it.

The service guy actually told us he replaces a lot of their mixer taps because they leak from a cartridge or something?

After what he told us we wont be buying Caroma products anymore. Each tap came in a separate box enclosed in a cloth pouch with a microfibre cloth for cleaning. After much research and a number of hours visiting bathroom/plumbing suppliers I settled on Dorf Jovian range which included the vanity tap, shower tap and head and mixers.

We have had the taps in place for around 2 months now and absolutely no issues whatsoever. I chose Dorf Jovian for a number of reasons with the most important being the quality of the product, the overall square shape and the smoothness of the mechanism to adjust water flow.

The products were very expensive but they come with a 10 year warrenty on some parts and a lifetime warrenty on other components.