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There’s no time in our culture where we are allowed to walk up to our friends and say “Our friendship is so amazing, and so important to me, and I wrote an essay about it.I hope you enjoy it,” except for this one, created by an immigration bureaucracy. Joey and I emailed back and forth almost daily for several months until one time he was in Halifax while my girlfriend Priya was visiting, and I insisted they meet. I started grad school, which meant moving to Toronto where I didn’t know anyone. I showed up early and rang their doorbell at 6pm for a pm games night, because I had no idea what I was doing.

This story makes sense when you realize how much of a charmer Joey is. What Joey gave me through Tim and Ro was a friendship starter kit, a way to make moving to a new city easy, and when my books got water damaged during the move, Joey sent me new ones. I love him, and we would’ve never met if it weren’t for A Softer World. I bought a used typewriter at a garage sale so I could respond in kind.Emily and I disagree over how we met in real life, but that’s great because now we have a mystery at the centre of our friendship. She moved to Toronto later on, and we started hanging out all the time.There’s a sequence of events where I say one thing happened and she says "no you’re crazy THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE”, but I can’t even remember what our two different versions are anymore. One of my earliest memories of her is of being at Tim’s housewarming for his new place, and in his kitchen he’d left this seltzer bottle: they’re those giant pressurized water bottles clowns spray each other with, at least in cartoons I guess? When Jenn and I got married, she photographed our wedding.And obviously at some point I sprayed Emily a little, because this is what happens when you leave me in my 20s in a kitchen at a party with a seltzer bottle. I love her, and we would’ve never met if it weren’t for A Softer World.Emily sprayed me back in revenge, but it was more than I’d sprayed her, so obviously I needed to spray her back to make it even. And as he was leaving Emily emptied the bottle on me before putting the drained bottle in Tim’s hands. One April Fools’ Day I took down Dinosaur Comics and replaced it with what I claimed was my new project now: A Softer World 2: Better Than A Softer World. There’s a chain of events that leads from today back through our years of comics and friendship, through Joey and Emily and the way our three lives have intertwined, all the way to when we three babies started comics within the same week even though none of us can draw, and Joey emailing me to inquire about my Nobel Prize for Comics money. There’s a dedication in the first Dinosaur Comics collection.It went back and forth until Tim burst into his kitchen, (understandably) mad that we’d sprayed water all over his new apartment. This one was a picture of my friend Eric combined with words I lifted from a conversation that Nicholas Gurewitch (The Perry Bible Fellowship) and I were having about The Incredibles. Without A Softer World, I never meet Joey, I never meet Emily, and my life is completely different. It reads, “To Emily and Joey: the first friends I ever made in comics, and still the best.” I’m sad Emily and Joey’s comic is ending - more than I thought I’d be, I’ve got all these big feelings about it you guys - but I’m glad it was there.

A reader emailed me, upset that I would end the comic he enjoyed for “what is effectively just a parody of another comic” and urged me to reconsider. I am here to tell you now, and without hyperbole, that this comic and the two people behind it have shaped my life more than any other work of art. In conclusion, A Softer World was so amazing, and so important to me, and I wrote an essay about it. Another time my comic mentioned “truth” and “beauty” and Joey and Emily’s comic that day mentioned “truth and beauty bombs”, so we started a message board for our comics called that. It's almost been eighteen years since the release of Captain Claw, but even so, it seems as though it was just released yesterday.I started my comic, Dinosaur Comics, on February 1st, 2003.Joey Comeau and Emily Horne started A Softer World six days later, and not too long afterwards Joey emailed me. I do a comic too.”I followed his link and read all the comics there in one sitting."What are you going to do with your Nobel Prize for Comics money? They were hilarious and sad, sometimes at the same time, and I saw stuff done in comics that I hadn’t seen before.