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PHNOM PENH, Dec 18, 2000 - A US tourist has been charged with the rape and indecent assault of a child prostitute in Cambodia in a rare instance of the courts here showing a willingness to tackle such a case, officials said Monday.A Phnom Penh court charged James Curtis Parks, 57, from Hawaii, with the rape of a 15-year-old girl in a hotel room, a charge he denied saying he was impotent and had been teaching meditation when police arrived. I came here to teach meditation, English and photography.I have been helping her," Parks, a freelance photographer, told reporters who visited his jail cell Monday where he can be held for up to six months pending trial. I have been unable to have an erection for seven years," he added.However, police and court officials questioned why the pair were naked when the hotel room was raided on Wednesday last week."We charged him with rape and indecent assault late Friday," said Phnom Penh's deputy municipal court prosecutor Ngeth Sarath.Rights groups and the UN's protection and monitoring unit here are currently trying to have minors defined as under the age of 18 in line with international conventions on the rights of children.

Current legislation dates back to the early 1990s when Cambodia was administered by a UN transitional authority.A leading child advocacy group said the court had initially been reluctant to charge Parks as the girl confessed to being a prostitute and had been paid 30 dollars for sex."The court did not want to charge the man because they said the girl was not a virgin and had not been forced into sex."I don't know if this is the first such case, but I don't remember any others, so it is quite rare," he said.A Cambodian woman who allegedly acted as a pimp was also charged with debauchery.If convicted, Parks faces a maximum 10 years in jail, while the woman whose charge also relates to an offence of human trafficking faces 10 to 20 years.

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