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The city has a degree of eminence, crowned as it is by the ruins of a Moorish castle and overlooking the Guadiana river, which flows between the castle-hill and the powerfully armed fort of San Cristobal.

It is served by Badajoz Railway Station and Badajoz Airport.Other finds include weapons such as axes and swords, everyday items of pottery and utensils, and various items of jewellery such as bracelets.Archaeological excavations have revealed remnants from the Lower Paleolithic period.Artifacts have also been found at the Roman town of Colonia Civitas Pacensis in the Badajoz area, although a significant number of larger artifacts were found in Mérida.With the invasion of the Romans, which started in 218 BC during the Second Punic War, Badajoz and Extremadura became part of the administrative district called Hispania Ulterior (Farther Spain), which was later divided by Emperor Augustus into Hispania Ulterior Baetica and Hispania Ulterior Lusitania; Badajoz became part of Lusitania.Though the settlement is not mentioned in Roman history, Roman villas such as the La Cocosa Villa have been discovered in the area, while Visigothic constructions have also been found in the vicinity.

Badajoz attained importance during the reign of Moorish rulers such as the Umayyad caliphs of Córdoba, and the Almoravids and Almohads of North Africa.From the 8th century, the Umayyad dynasty controlled the region until the early 11th century.‎‎) during Muslim rule.The invasion of Badajoz by Christian rulers in 1086 under Alfonso VI of Castile, overturned the rule of the Moors.Partiendo de la foto de Josecau, pongo esta imagen: La parte verdosa sera la altura real ms o menos del edificio en comparacin con el Puente Real El rectngulo azulado podra ser la vista del edificio terminado desde el Puente de la Universidad Saludos pa'tos. Y ahora cuando vas por el Puente Real, la verdad es que ver esa peazo gra tan de cerca te hace pensar. Puestos a pedir, podriais poner la altura que tendra que tener la grua una vez levantada....a, se me olvidaba, "que es en broma", No se puede decir nada en broma, sois la leche!! Puestos a pedir, podriais poner la altura que tendra que tener la grua una vez levantada....a, se me olvidaba, "que es en broma", Ehhh, muchas gracias..verdad es que es muy aclaratorio esos grficos, jeje.Actuación de la murga Krma en la fase preliminar del Concurso de Murgas 2012 del Carnaval de Badajoz.

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