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I was less interested in using this place in a documentary way; I was always interested in using it as a backdrop to explore my own fears and anxieties.I’ve always been trying to create a photographic language that hovers between reality and fiction.

This massive, color-saturated print depicts a car stopped in the middle of an intersection at twilight.When Gregory Crewdson was 16, he had his first fifteen minutes of fame in the form of a three-minute pop song.Crewdson played guitar in a new wave band called The Speedies, and in 1979 they had a minor hit with the song “Let Me Take Your Photo,” which Crewdson co-wrote with the band’s pretty-boy frontman, Eric Hoffert.At that time, Crewdson could never have imagined how weirdly prescient the song was, nor that he would grow up to be a rock star – not in the music scene, but in the art world.Today, Crewdson is indisputably one of the brightest stars in the universe of art photography.His reputation soared on the strength of a body of work called , which was produced in the Berkshires from 2002 – 2008.

During most of that time, cameraman Ben Shapiro was on hand to record Crewdson’s progress and process, first hired by producers of two short documentaries, and later shooting on his own, gathering footage for what was to become his debut film, is one of many films in the BIFF with strong local connections; both Crewdson and Shapiro spent a good deal of their youths in the Berkshires, and both still remain rooted here.

Shapiro’s father was a psychologist at Austen Riggs; both his sister and his parents have homes in Monterey, where Shapiro is a frequent weekend guest.

Crewdson’s father was one of the founders of a 500-acre land trust, Becket Hills, where his family built a log cabin getaway.

The land trust was sold a few years ago, but Crewdson now has his own Berkshire haven – a deconsecrated church outside of Great Barrington.

Sitting at a long wooden table in his sparsely furnished church, the man known for creating the most cinematic, enigmatic photos was direct and open about his work, his life, how it felt to be on the other side of the lens as the subject of a documentary, and his connection to this region.

Crewdson says he finds inspiration in the Berkshires for reasons that remain mysterious even to him, but that he’s following in the footsteps of artists he admires.

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