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Lyman, with Glen Merzer (2001) Howard Lyman, like three generations of his family before him, was a Montana cattle rancher and a crop farmer, and he stayed one through all the vicissitudes of farm life and the setbacks of encroaching agribusiness.

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For years he had put aside his misgivings about what his farm practices were doing to the land and his animals, but during his crisis he suddenly realized the extent to which his stewardship was doing more harm than good.

After recovering from surgery to remove the tumor, Lyman attempted to turn to organic farming, but this proved impossible in a farming culture that was heavily invested, literally and figuratively, in business as usual.

Instead, he sold the farm to a colony of Hutterites (a religious group who farm communally) and moved on.

His eyes opened not only to the depredations wreaked by agribusiness but also to the possibility of a more compassionate and healthy way of life, he became a lobbyist for organic standards, a vegan, and, eventually, a co-defendant in the famous lawsuit brought by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association against him and Oprah Winfrey for “food disparagement”—a libel suit filed on behalf of beef.

This came about as a result of Lyman’s 1996 appearance on Winfrey’s TV show, during which he revealed disturbing facts about cattle ranching (including the fact that slaughtered cows were being ground up and fed to other cows, a conduit of infection for mad cow disease).

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