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A few days ago I finally got down to verifying my Youtube account and unlocking the custom thumbnail function - something I should have done a long time ago.

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I really like the Gaim Civil War thumbnail, btw x D The last time I predicted something for Ao S, the answer was revealed the very next episode.

This time round, I suppose we have a few weeks before the answer is revealed in the season finale.

But anyway, I got it right the last time, so let's see if I can get it right this time.(Really love the title image for the Fallen Agent saga, btw) I've been wanting to pen my thoughts on the TV shows I watch, but never really got to it.

Furthermore, I don't think I can sustain a weekly review, so I decided I shall just write whenever I have something to talk about.

So recently I decided to try something different, and created the following chart for MCU Phase I and II (including all films, One-Shots, TV and Netflix series), because Its All Connected.

Super Sentai 35th anniversary, Kamen Rider 40th anniversary, Metal Hero 30th anniversary, and Toei Company 60th anniversary.

And so we have a series of anniversary and cross-over films to commemorate them.Finally got to watch a couple of these films (with more coming up next year!), and I thought I should note down some thoughts.ゴーカイジャー ゴセイジャー スーパー戦隊199ヒーロー 大決戦Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Heroes Great Battle Super Sentai's 35th anniverasry movie.Random observations:1) Phil Coulson and Nick Fury both top the list with 8 appearances each.(here we conveniently assume appearances on TV, film and one-shot are of equal significance) Steve Rogers also has 8 appearances, but 2 are from stock footages.Tony Stark and Peggy Carter follows closely behind with 7 appearances each.2) Howard Stark is portrayed by 3 actors in total.

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    Signs of trouble first appeared after a Dover High School student painted a mural showing the evolution of humans from ape-like ancestors.

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    Ensminger was at the Q and A following the screening, together with the directors.