Afternoon tinder dating site

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Afternoon tinder dating site

As writer Mitali Saran sagaciously put it, as a society that is pathologically devoted to marriage, we hate free-range vaginas, that is women who are single, divorced, unmarried, widowed, commitment phobic or sexually active. Men in India have been granted more sexual impunity than women.

They, very often, objectify the female body and abnegate her identity.

Editor's note: So you’ve swiped right, exchanged numbers and got yourself a date on Tinder. This is a 10-part series on the dating landscape among the young-ish and single-ish of India. When Tinder was launched in India there was a quiet cheer among all men, married or otherwise.

The bludgeoning of a million wet dreams of Indian men, everywhere.

They thought that Tinder would create a marketplace for guilt-free casual sex, like a of female bodies, ready to be looked at and home-delivered, easier than ordering shaving cream on Bigbasket.

They’d rack up conquests with one right swipe and entice young women into bed on the basis of a few text exchanges.

They’d convince a woman to sleep with them as easily as they convinced Mummy and cricketers. The truth is that Tinder does not entitle men to casual sex.

Tinder is not a magic wand for a woman to worship a man’s wand. Tinder’s first ad in India, launched a few weeks ago, showed a mother cheerfully sending off her philistine daughter to an afternoon Tinder date.My friends who are on Tinder tell me that there’s a greater chance for them to be run over by a Mumbai local train than to be indulged in the good ol’ bed-hop via Tinder. It was a shocking makeover that sent India’s frisky brigade into a tizzy!Alarmed, they swiped left on the ad, disparaging Tinder for wanting to become the next had defeated Tinder.Tinder had learnt that giving sex a good name was an impossible task in our country.Tinder knew what the nation wanted — saccharine-styled Panglossian relationships.So, it went on to post Disneyesque Facebook photos of Sooraj-Barjatya-type-engaged couples meeting on Tinder. Many women celebrated Tinder as it recognised the importance of female sexual agency, as opposed to coating it with a dose of denial, as our nation is famous for doing.

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