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Not that it happened but I made sure there was nothing loose just in case.

You can see two hangars in this shot A closer shot of an old hangar and loops The remains of another loop A general view of the whole field.

Yet another one to disappear under the digger Various trucks parked on the main runway You can just about see a mast on the left which was part of the Marconi setup On the way back we passed Cressing Temple Barns And sitting right on the downwind leg, at circuit height, a perennial problem for Andrewsfield flyers - a paramotor!

We were approaching him with landing light blazing so I think he saw us.

Some cracking aerial shots there Paul did not know that boreham was in the process of being dug up nice to see birch has not changed much since i last saw it from above Looking forward to another set with interest Doug Interesting pics.

I went to Birch about 10 years ago for a classic car photo shoot, and was for years trying to find out the name of the airfield and what it did. Appears it didn't do much flying wise during the war.

Interesting to see when I went there the loops and tying down points for fighters. The plan is to cover all the Essex disused airfields and then move further afield (just as we did on the ground for the old Airfield Hunting series long-term UKAR readers may remember).

It is a shame to see them being dug up for gravel etc though - there was certainly a lot more of Boreham and Rivenhall left when we visited them on the ground a decade or so ago.

Willingale and Debden we'll be doing for sure; Wethersfield will require a little planning - normally it's a certain avoid due to the gliding there, but a quick phone call before setting off, and a radio call once in the vicinity should enable us to give it a go on a day they're not flying.

It was great fun to do, and worked a treat both photographically and from a flying point of view.

"The addition of Radix to our portfolio allows us to address current industry needs and have a vision for what will be essential to excel in tomorrow's global manufacturing market," Curtiss said in a news release."The AIS-Radix acquisition is the perfect example of technology and manufacturing coming together to present the innovation and advancement that the world has come to expect from our region," she said.

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