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A genius two partners and a dupe online dating - carlsbergfondet online dating

The movie climaxes with a stagecoach chase and a gigantic explosion.

Maybe they grew up next door to each other or maybe their parents arranged the whole thing.

Genio,_due_compari,_un_pollo,_Un Un genio, due compari, un pollo / A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe / Nobody ist der Größte Italy / France / West Germany 1975 Director: Damiano Damiani With Terence Hill, Miou-Miou, Robert Charlebois, Patrick Mc Goohan, Raimund Harmstorf, Piero Vida, Rik Battaglia, Klaus Kinski, Mario Brega Screenplay: Damiano Damiani, Fulvio Morsella, Ernesto Gastaldi Cinematography: Giuseppe Ruzzolini Music: Ennio Morricone An amiable con man sets out to land a big score from a man even less honorable than himself in this comic spaghetti western.

Joe Thanks (Terence Hill) is a swindler and quick-draw artist who wanders into a dusty little town after literally falling out of a stagecoach while asleep. Cavalry, is escorting a 0,000 fortune that's been earmarked for Indian relief efforts; however, the commanding officer of the local fort, Major Cabot (Patrick Mc Goohan) has no intention of actually delivering the cash, so Joe hatches a scheme to take it for himself.

After besting card-sharp Doc Foster (Klaus Kinski) in a public shootout, Joe reconnects with his old friend, Steam Engine Bill (Robert Charlebois), who is traveling with his beautiful but dizzy-headed girlfriend, Lucy (Miou-Miou). While his name does not appear in the credits, Sergio Leone had produced Un Genio, Due Compari, Un Pollo (aka A Genius, Two Partners, and a Dupe) via his shareholding on the production company Rafran, and also directed the pre-credit sequence (which bears a few of his directing trademarks without being anything special), with Damiano Damiani helming the rest of the picture and receiving the screen credit.

"It was an amusing script, directed by someone with no sense of humour at all" (producer Fulvio Morsella).

In contrast to My Name Is Nobody, Leone never got suspected of being the actual director, and most probably also never wanted to be.

"The film disappointed me so much that I decided to produce no more westerns" (Sergio Leone).Terrence Hill plays a no name gun man who's aim is to make his own hero a legend.He would make a name for himself in his quest if he had one.Here he plays a fool in order to drive up the betting odds against him in winning a drinking contest.But in reality he is no fool and accomplishes his greater task by winning the contest. The spaghetti western "Un genio, due compari, un pollo," with Terence Hill, Miou-Miou, Robert Charlebois, Patrick Mc Goohan, Raimund Harmstorf, Piero Vida & Klaus Kinski.

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